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Can I live in the house during the project?

In most cases staying in the house during the project is no problem at all. Usually only in cases of main living area remodels is it necessary to move out.

Will I lose my washer/dryer?

In most cases the washer and dryer cannot be used during the project. For an additional cost we can move the washer/dryer to a temporary location outside of the general work area if the property allows.

Should I raise my house or dig down?

There is no right or wrong answer to this. Digging down is on average cheaper and most cities have a limit to how high you can lift and in some cases won't allow it at all. But if the situation allows it the money is the only factor.

How long will the project take?

A full basement dig out from breaking ground to paint is about 6 - 7 months for an average size house, 1200 - 1800 square feet.

When can you start?

Usually within 2 weeks of the signed contract.

Do I need and architect? Engineer?

For smaller jobs Carroll construction can provide drawings and engineering. Larger jobs like multiple room additions, the creation of habitable space, extensive load bearing situations and or major retrofits would require full scale drawings and or proper calculations. Carroll construction can provide several Architect/Engineer referrals upon request.