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Foundation Repair and Replacement

Foundation repair and replacement is our main service. Our goal is to provide less worry about the stability of your home and let you enjoy living in it. Here are some early warning signs that you should look for this type of service:

  • Wall Rotation
  • Cracked foundation
  • Crooked doors and windows
  • Note: Brick foundations should be replaced no matter the condition

On average Carroll Construction has 5-7 projects going on at any given time, up to 10 -14 projects during the busy parts of the year. We work on residential structures almost exclusively, from one story craftsmen to 4 story Victorian mansions. In most cases all work can be done without the need of an engineer. If an engineer is required you will be informed of this at our first meeting.

All aspects of the shoring and cribbing foundation replacement, retrofit, shearwalls, gradebeam, retaining walls, wood and or steel beam installation, and structural concrete house leveling are done "in house". The only time we call in a sub-contractor in this area is if we are lifting the structure. The results are amazing efficiency which allows for top level quality work at a lower rate.

For a more detailed understanding of how these services can benefit your house structure and to explain what would be involved for your particular home, please call
(510) 523-1968 to schedule a free inspection and assessment of your current home conditions.